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- guitars, bass, vokills, synths, programming

- battery

NECROCHAMBER (usa) was manifested by Nocturnal Overlord in 1998 under the name Zahrim. The idea behind Necrochamber is to create raw hateful torturous music with a dark and violent atmosphere.

2012 - Recording sessions begin for the debut Necrochamber album "Ceremonies for the Dead".

2011 - Plans are made for some live rituals and a new recording later this year. Due to legal issues, plans are put on hold until further notice. Overlord starts writing material and songs for the 2nd Necrochamber album.

2010 - Necrochamber initiates new members Ocularus on bass, and drummer Wotan into the line up. Rehearsals start for the recording of the debut album.

2009 - Overlord writes and records 5 new songs for a 2nd demo to be entitled "Ceremonies for the Dead". Demo was never finished or released.

2005 - Overlord revives the project under the name NECROCHAMBER and takes a new and different approach to the project. Not only will Necrochamber consist of dark and evil black metal, but also a horror like soundtrack and atmosphere.. A track called "Between Two Worlds" was made to be released on the Kthulu Productions "Reflectons from The Abyss" Compilation, but was later removed from the CD.

1999 - Zahrim records a cover of Mayhem's "Buried by Time and Dust" and an intro to be released on a US Tribute to Dead compilation which never gets released. Unknown (guitars) shortly joined Zahrim to record Mayhem cover. Then the band was thinking of changing the name and later disbanded for no particular reason.

1998 - Overlord starts Zahrim and writes and records 4 demo songs. Recruits a bassist and a vocalist and some short lived rehearsing was done.

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